E-cigarette Battery: Which delivers thickest vapor?

The e-cigarette battery delivers the power that gives you the satisfaction of a nicotine vapor hit and flavor of your favorite cartridge.  So I would say that the e-cigarette battery is one of the most important components of the e cigarette.  Wouldn’t you agree?

The e cigarette battery delivers power to the atomizer device which in turn heats up the nicotine dilution.  You need a powerful ecigarette battery to give the needed power or you’re going to get a weak nicotine puff which is not satisfying.  Waste of money if you ask me.

So what kind of battery gives the needed power to give a thick cloud of nicotine and flavor?  The lithium e-cigarette battery.  It’s a new tech that has been introduced to the ecigarette community over the last year and it has changed the game according to ecig enthusiast.  ”The charge, the delivery, the vape, and the taste is next level.”, says one e cig user.  Don’t be fooled by cheaper e cigarette brands with old battery tech.  It’s just not worth it.

The e cigarette is an important part of many smokers lives.  It gives them the freedom to smoke almost anywhere they please and get the needed nicotine.  It would be unwise to purchase a crappy ecigarette battery and have to replace every couple of weeks from bad charging, weak vapor hits, and just a terrible shelf live.

The E-Cigarette Battery Improves

For the longest time, the e-cigarette battery was an aggravating element to the device.  Always running out of juice before the day was out or not being able to charge after 10-20 charges.  Well the e-cigarette battery has made some major improvements to the e-cigarette game.

E-cigarette companies have made the switch to a a lithium battery that has a very long charge and life.  No longer will you run out of e-cigarette battery juice in the middle of the day.  You’ll be able to charge your e-cigarette battery over 200 times!

Its about time the e-cigarette world stepped it up.  Expect more electronic cigarette technologies to emerge in the coming years.

E-Cigarette Uses

The number one reason people are switching to e-cigarettes is to use them to quit smoking. But there are other ways and situations you can use them. Not only are e-cigarettes cheaper and healthier than tobacco cigarettes but they can also be used in situations where you normally can’t smoke.

For example if you travel a lot or about to head out on a long road trip. You currently can not smoke a cigarette in airports and very few still have smoking rooms. If you are going on a long car trip with other people who don’t smoke you can’t really smoke in the car and it is not convenient stop stop for smoke breaks. In both these situations you can use an ecigarette to get your nicotine fix an not have to worry where you can smoke it.

Most non smokers do not mind using ecigs around them since there is no smell or second hand smoke. But some people may give you a funny look in an airport so it is easy to just go into a corner or the bathroom and take a few puffs. Unlike smoking tobacco cigarettes everyone will know if you take 1 single puff because of the lingering smoke and smell. Since ecigs only produce water vapor and no odor people are finding out they can use them in a lot more places.

It is much easier to pull out and ecig take a few puff and put it back in your pocket if you need a quick fix. It is not really easy to light up a cigarette take a few drags and have no one notice. You also can’t just put it our and stick it back in your pocket because it will smell horribly.

Especially if you live with non smokers you can use a ecig in the house and not worry about offending or putting the non smokers in danger. You use it in the bathroom or your bedroom and no one will ever know.

Most bars and clubs not have banned smoking inside state to state but will allow electronic cigs to be used inside. Especially clubs, no one like going out side in the freezing snow to have a cigarette but everyone like to smoke when they drink. So being able to use them inside is a huge advantage, you don’t even need to worry about washing your hands after words or smelling like cigarettes smoke.

E Cigarette Battery Importance

You will find that the battery is the most important part of the starter kit you buy. Why? Because all other items have a much shorter lifespan and will need replacement quicker. With a good battery you won’t need to replace it for a long time.

What should you look for in a battery when you search for a starter kit?

First off – The life of the battery charge is vital. The longer you can use your e cig without having to recharge it, the better. Usually, beginners start off with one of the cig-a-like e cigarettes that resemble a regular cig. These are great but don’t have the battery charge of the bigger models. If you do get a cig-a-like make sure you buy a PCC (personal charging case) to keep your e cig charged at all times. You’ll also want to look at the size of the battery. A longer battery usually means a longer charge.

Secondly – See how the electronic cigarette is operated. There are manual and automatic e cigs. Manual batteries turn on when you press a button or flip a switch and turn off when you want them to. Automatic batteries turn on when you inhale and turn off when you stop. Some people have reported problems with the battery turning on intentionally but I have never personally had an issue.

With this knowledge you can go ahead and feel better about your choice when choosing an electronic cigarette starter kit.